KADA Sponsorship Deck - 2021

Community – Exposure – Return on Investment

Special, highly effective marketing exposure at half the ordinary cost, even a smaller fraction of the ordinary cost – even free!
Yes, it’s possible.

Plus many more online and offline marketing opportunities…

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A Year of Opportunity

The Korean American Dental Association has integrated a web application, and we are offering an expanded, more flexible, and more creative range of Sponsor Opportunities to businesses of all sizes in Southern California.

Depending on your needs, we offer competition-free and industry exclusivity.

Free Ways to Support KADA

Sponsorship doesn’t only mean money. While a budget will help us open more exclusive opportunities, we are open to brainstorming novel ways to help each other. Here are some ways you can help support KADA with little to no money:

  • Fundraising events with employees.**
  • Venue rentals.
  • Discounts/lower rates for our members. 
  • Freebies.
  • Opportunities for our dentist members.
  • Opportunities for our student members.

**We will also assist you every step of the way with your fundraising or other promotion, to raise the funds for your sponsorship. There really is no good reason not to participate!


There are many different Sponsor Opportunities available, including several that give you a competition-free exclusive position.

Based on your budget, you will be able to pick and choose to create a custom solution that works best for your business’ unique needs and goals. We are open to your ideas as well.

Common Benefits are benefits that apply to all of our sponsors.


Sponsor Opportunities (Samples)

  • Customized landing page on our website created with our web designer
  • Advertise online through our blog, forum, and webpages
  • Advertise offline through our monthly newsletter
  • Get your service or product offer mentioned at KADA events
  • Work with our team to create a customized email for our email list
  • and many more solutions available!

Common Sponsor Benefits

  • Free advertising credits
  • Logo on our sponsors webpage

KADA Market Profile

Reach Korean-American dental professionals in Southern California

The Korean American Dental Association serves over 800 well educated, affluent, and highly respected dentists in the Southern California location.

Our newsletters are sent to over 

Our Members:


University Students

High-School Students & Parents

Affiliated Organizations & Second-Hand Exposure

KADA is closely affiliated with other similar organizations in Southern California:

KADA has been regularly featured on these newspapers:

The Cause You Will Be Supporting

As our sponsor, you will be showing your concern for the community’s wellbeing in terms of health and education. Dentistry is one of the most common health services. Understandably, it is of great concern for a great number of people and their loved ones.

Each year, KADA stands at the forefront of the Korean-American community’s health and education. With the combined efforts of our members, we positively impact thousands of lives every year.

We serve thousands in our community with free dental exams, cleanings, consultations, as well as participate in countless local and national volunteer events. A part of our members’ missions is to bring dental services to those who need it most.

We also help high-school, undergraduate, and dental school students further careers. Some members pool funds to offer scholarships. Some members offer their time. Some members, access to their practices or other resources. By combining effort, we have helped hundreds of students find long-term success with their careers and helped them become positive influences in our community.

Our dentists helping at CDA Cares. Over 3,000 underprivileged members receive treatment at these events. You can be a proud supporter of volunteer events like these.

Our student members volunteering at Korea-American chapel. By supporting us, you are supporting ambitious Korean-American students from high-school to dental school nationwide.

Past Sponsors

You’ll be in good company too. Notable local and national companies have sponsored KADA.


To summarize, you have an opportunity to:

  1. Help a good, worthy cause
  2. Leverage a valuable community to help meet your unique needs
  3. Get all the benefits with little or no money out of your present budget – we’ll work with your employees to raise the funds!
  4. Possibly have exclusive position, if you act quickly
  5. Have complete, step-by-step assistance from our staff


Great! If you’re still reading by this point, it seems like we’re a great fit and you’re looking forward to learn more about joining as a sponsor. If so, please fill out this quick questionnaire. It will give us a more in-depth idea of what you are looking for and help us prepare for our meeting where we can brainstorm with you about the best way for your business to participate. There’s no obligation and certainly no pressure, but together, we just may figure out the perfect solution for your business.