KADA is committed to the success of its members in service to their patients and the public by providing the platform to connect Korean American Dentists through Networking, CE, and Community Service Projects to become integral part of mainstream organized dentistry.


KADA is the most recognized leader for excellence in member services and advocacy promoting oral health and the profession of dentistry in the USA.


A. Service: We provide exemplary service to our community, strengthen alliances, foster respect, promote education, and uphold the highest standards of integrity within our profession

B. Alliance: We create a strong alliance among Korean American dentists. Together, we can harness our collective expertise and experience to make a significant impact on the dental industry. We work diligently to reach out to all Korean American dentists across the nation, ensuring that no one is left without the support and camaraderie that our association provides

C. Respect: We respect one another. We treat each other and our patients with the utmost respect, valuing diversity and inclusivity within our ranks.

D. Education: We commit to the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of wisdom among our members. By fostering a culture of education and learning, we stay at the forefront of dental innovation.

E. Integrity: We are always truthful and ethical in our dealings, whether it be in patient care, research, or professional relationships. We uphold the highest standards of integrity to strengthen our profession’s reputation.