Full Mouth Rehabilitation of Worn Dentition

Topics Covered Include:CR, MIP, Adapted CRMethod of finding/recording CR and whyIdentifying etiology/modes of failure for teeth and restorations/diagnosis/risks/lowering risksPrep design and material selectionsStudying the face/Lateral Ceph made easyInterdisciplinary approach to care and/or DIYDetermining where teeth should go and how they should fit together for an acceptable esthetic and functional outcomeAvoiding the case killing black triangles/biologic […]

$700.00 – $800.00

Hands-On-Course: Phlebotomy/PRP/PRF/Sticky Bone

> View Full Brochure <Sponsored by KAKA, Oasis Implant Academy, WADEAugust 5, 2023: 9am - 6pm8 CEU (ADG PACE)Young's Dental, Cerritos, CANon-Member Fee $600 ($100 Early Bird discount available until July 15)KADA Member Fee $500Default ticket quantity is set to 1. Please adjust below.

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