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Day 1: Diagnosis and Managing Cracked Teeth

"The Epidemic of Cracked and Fractured Teeth Amidst the Pandemic: From Diagnosis to Treatment"

Featuring Dr. Wonhee Lee, Endodontist

Lecture Hours:
9am- 4pm

11800 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Reston, VA 20191


  • Identifying causes and diagnostic tools – how do we properly diagnose cracked teeth?
  • Developing a system for categorizing cracked teeth
  • When to Save VS Extract
  • How do we restore cracked teeth with increased predictability?
  • Identifying and Managing Risk Factors for the tooth and the restoration

Day 2: Principles of Full Mouth Rehabilitation: The Practical Guide for General Practitioners

Full Mouth Rehabilitation of a Worn Dentition using Clear Aligners, Implant Restorations, Indirect Ceramic Restorations, and Trans-Sulcular Esthetic Crownlengthening

Lecture Hours:
9am – 5pm

11800 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Reston, VA 20191


  • Evaluating Risks and Different Modes of Failure for Teeth and Restorations
  • Restorative material selection – indications/limitations
  • Different Prep design and considerations for adhesively retained restorations VS cohesively retained restorations in both anterior teeth and posterior teeth
  • Communicating Shade to Lab
  • Avoiding Violation of Biologic Width and Avoiding Black Triangles by understanding the osseous crest and FGM relationship
  • Intracrevicular tooth preparation guidelines
  • “Why are my crowns and veneers popping off?”
  • Evaluating Acceptable Function VS Aberrant Functional Envelopes/Parafunction
  • Checking for/adjusting occlusion after delivery
  • Common errors encountered – why your indirect restorations are giving you headaches
  • What to write in your lab slips to communicate with your lab better
  • Holding yourself and lab accountable
  • Prep Sequence : Adhesively and Cohesively Retained Posterior Teeth
  • Making Impressions
  • Provisionalization
  • Delivery Checklist
  • Delivery Protocols
  • Checking/Adjusting Occlusion
  • How to avoid damaging adjacent teeth and what to do if you did
  • “I know I had enough occlusal reduction but it’s gone on the model”
  • Implant restoration impression techniques
  • How to deliver your implant restorations predictably and how to troubleshoot
  • The 10 Step Approach to Any Case Ever(including FMR)