Over 10 million Californians experience barriers to basic dental care…

This is how we’re changing this.

Community Outreach Programs

Each year, KADA members step up to volunteer themselves. Our members participate in large programs that help thousands of individuals per event as well as local programs that serve smaller, overlooked communities. These are just some of those programs.

CDA Cares Volunteer Dental Program

The CDA Cares Volunteer Dental Program is an event that bring together thousands of volunteer dentists, dental professionals, and community volunteers to provide dental services at no charge.

KADA’s dentist members are always playing a large part in these events.

Read the article where KADA’s participation was featured by The Korea Times.

Senior & Community Centers

The elderly are one of the most neglected when it comes to dental care. Over 96% of people over the age of 65 have dental problems, yet more than 68% of them have not received treatment.

No one wants their loved ones to suffer because of age or lack of privilege.

KADA’s members provide free dental exams and consultations for the elderly on a regular basis.

We offer basic treatments, information on how to find affordable or free care, and help the elderly community live more comfortably and healthily.

Local Churches

Pictured are KADA’s students members of Tufts University who volunteered at St. Antoine Daveluy Church.

There, they provided oral cancer screenings and intra-oral exams for free. They also taught children how to brush properly and learn the basics of dental care.

KADA is extremely proud of the passion and initiative our members show even as students.

Read the article by Tufts University.

International Programs

We believe that our community extends beyond geographical areas.

Our dentists and student members regularly visit third-world countries and foreign lands to provide those who need help the proper care they deserve.

Pictures are our students members from Tufts University who took a seven day trip along with Dentists for Humanity to set up free dental clinics near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Read the article by Tufts University.