On Friday, June 30th, 20 students from KADA Summer Mentorship Program had a USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry Tour with two of KADA Summer Mentorship Committee Co-chairmen Dr. Jonathan Song and Dr. Hyejin Jeon. Mr. Berry and Mr. Rios from USC Admission gave us a seminar about how to prepare to get into USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. All students obtained valuable information about the admission process and how to prepare early for dental schools. Also, current USC students from USC Korean Dental Student Association (Jun Park, Daisy Kawk (D1 students), Scott Jeon, Chris Kang(D4 students), and Yoonie Heo(Ortho resident)) gave us USC Tour showing participants classroom, clinics, and study-room for USC dental students. The tour ended with a lunch along with a Q&A session with current USC students. KADA would like to give thanks to everyone who made our tour successful and wishes good luck to all participants!