I am very happy to be here, taking on the challenges and opportunities of leading a fine dedicated group of Korean American Dentists, to serve our members and the community we represent, as good role models for our profession and young dentist.

We, the dentists, are consistently viewed by public as one of the most trusted professionals. Hence, they expect us to act ethical and always be competent. A difficult challenge we all face has been meeting those public expectations, while trying to maintain a successful business operation. This challenge seems to be accentuated today by soft economics, crowded competitions, increased cost of operation, increasing patient demand for more service at a lesser cost, costly products and technology, and tight labor supply. And, the practitioners are bombarded with new clinical and technological information. Our ability to distinguish facts from fiction is a constant challenge for most of us.

But with challenge comes opportunity. We, as the Korean American Dental Association, have an opportunity to help our members face those challenges together, learn from each other to be more effective, productive and efficient. We can help one another to be better professionals, equipped to provide ethical beneficial services to our patients while maintaining a successful business operation.

Our team will work tirelessly to serve our members, to build a strong organization, which can be passed down to the future officers of KADA, to be built on, and increase KADA’s role in assisting all of you in enhancing the quality of your profession life. In the process, we hope to cultivate young leaders among the Korean American Dentists, in private clinical practice and in academics, who will proudly represent our profession and the Korean American Dental Association. And we hope that KADA will be where all of us gather in the spirit of good-fellowship and camaraderie, as colleagues wishing each other the best.

We ask for your enthusiastic support in our activities to serve you. We ask for your leniency in our trial and errors, but always with constructive criticism. I am proud to be a part of this endeavor. I thank you for your confidence in selecting me, and I thank you in advance for all that you will do to make our vision come true.


Thomas Han, DDS, MS, FACD