Science of adhesion in Dentistry

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017| KADA Educational Center

Dear KADA members,

To be economically successful in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry must be a large part of our practice. To be successful in cosmetic dentistry, we must understand the science of adhesive dentistry. The science of adhesive dentistry has evolved and advanced considerably in the last few years. This upcoming KADA Hands-on Workshop will discuss up to date state-of-the-art information and the adhesive bonding techniques of new dental materials such as Lithium Disilicate, Zirconia and other indirect composite materials. Participants will learn and practice techniques of bonding and cementation of ceramic veneers and crowns on models. This lecture and workshop will enable the participants to provide cosmetic dentistry for their patients with more confidence and assurance of predictable long term results. This lecture and workshop is provided to our KADA members at a minimal fee with the support of our generous sponsors. Take advantage of this opportunity to be better!

Saturday, July 22nd from 2 to 7pm at KADA Education Center. 5 CE credits will be provided.
Lecture only option is available. Please see attached flyer for more information.

Best regards,

Sangho Byun, DDS

Co-Chairman, KADA Hands-on Workshop Committee
Sil Park, DDS
Chairman, KADA Hands-on Workshop Committee
Kent Hwang, DDS

Co-Chairman, KADA Hands-on Workshop Committee
Thomas J. Han, DDS, MS, FACD
President, Korean American Dental Association
July Hands-on Workshop Flyer

Digitally Guided Implant Surgery and Restoration

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 | KADA Educational Center

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Today,  placing implants and restoring them is becoming more predictable, minimally invasive and patient friendly with the use of digital virtual programs for implant dentistry.

Every major implant companies now have developed virtual programs  to assist dentist place implants using digitally guided implant surgical guides and restorations in everyday practice.

Fortunately, because most of these virtual programs of different companies uses common method of merging DICOM data with scanned STL digital file to generate  surgical stents, understanding principle and protocol of one system will make it easier for one to understand and use others systems. Now  many dental laboratories are getting together with implant companies to provide this service to dentists conveniently and economically.

With implant dentistry moving in this direction, KADA is proud to present the upcoming Hands on Workshop entitled  “Digitally Guided Implant Surgery and Restoration”.

In this work shop, the participants will learn the common principles and techniques of digital implant dentistry from a foremost expert in this field, Dr. J.C. Kim, and practice placing implants using the digitally prepared surgical guide on typodonts and restore a CAD/CAM generated restorations. Usually this type of courses cost hundreds of dollars, but we are providing to the KADA members at $120 with everything provided, including typodonts.

After the workshop, the participants  will  have a better understanding of digital implant dentistry in general, and they will be prepared to use any system of their choosing.

Digitally guided implant surgeries will enhance the predictability of implant surgeries, save time, and enhance esthetics. This is a great opportunity to get ahead.

Space is limited to 30 attendees in this Hands-On Course. So please register through our internet website( and/or e-mail ( ASAP.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 8th 2PM, at the KADA Education Center.

Thank you.

친애하는 KADA 회원 및 동료 여러분,

오늘날 임플란트를 삽입하고 복원하는 것은 임플란트 치과에 디지털 가상 프로그램을 사용하여보다 예측 가능하고, 환자한테 친화적입니다.

모든 주요 임플란트 회사는 이제 일상적으로 디지털 가이드 안내 수술 가이드와 수복물을 사용하여 치과 의사의 임플란트를 보조하는 가상 프로그램을 개발했습니다.

다행스럽게도 서로 다른 회사의 가상 프로그램의 대부분이 DICOM 데이터를 스캔 된 STL 디지털 파일과 병합하여 외과 용 스텐트를 생성하는 일반적인 방법을 사용하기 때문에 한 시스템의 원리와 프로토콜을 이해하면 다른 시스템을 이해하고 사용하기가 더 쉬워집니다. 이제 많은 치과 기공소가 치과 의사에게 편리하고 경제적으로이 서비스를 제공하기 위해 임플란트 회사와 협력하고 있습니다.

임플란트 치과가 이러한 방향으로 움직이는 가운데, KADA는 다가오는 Hands-on Workshop을 “디지털 안내 임플란트 수술 및 복원“이라는 제목으로 개최합니다.

이 Workshop에서 참가자는이 분야의 전문가 인 Dr. JC Kim에게서 디지털 임플란트 치과의 공통 원리와 기술을 배우고 typodonts에 대한 디지털 준비 수술 가이드를 사용하여 임플란트를 삽입하고 CAD / CAM을 복원하는 연습을합니다. 일반적으로이 유형의 코스는 수백 달러가 들지만 typodonts를 포함하여 모든 것을 제공하면서 120 달러에 KADA 회원에게 제공하고 있습니다.

이번 Workshop이 끝나면 참가자들은 일반적으로 디지털 임플란트 치과에 대해 더 잘 이해하게되며, 선택한 시스템을 사용할 준비가 될것입니다.

디지털 유도 임플란트 수술은 임플란트 수술의 예측 가능성을 높이고 시간을 절약하며 심미성을 향상시킵니다. 이것이 이 분야에서 앞서 나갈 수 있는 좋은 기회입니다.

이 실습 과정에서는 30 명의 참석자로 제한됩니다. 그래서 우리의 인터넷 웹 사이트 ( 및 / 또는 전자 메일 ( 최대한 빨리 등록하십시오.

KADA 교육 센터에서 4 월 8 일 토요일 오후 2시에 여러분을 만나기를 기대합니다.


Best regards,

Sil Park, DDSdr-park
Chairman, KADA Hands-on Workshop Committee
Vice President, Korean American Dental Association
Clinical Associate Professor, Prostho, UCLA Dent School

Thomas J. Han, DDS, MS, FACD
President, Korean American Dental Association
Clinical Professor, Ostrow School of Dentistry, USC
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
Diplomate, International Congress of Oral Implantology
Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology

Digitally Guided Implant Surgery and Restoration 1 Digitally Guided Implant Surgery and Restoration 2


Introduction of Implant Surgery KADA Hands-on Workshop

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 | KADA Educational Center

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Rotary Instrumentation KADA Hands-on Workshop

Saturday, April 16th, 2016 | KADA Educational Center

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Basic Surgical Principles KADA Hands-on Workshop

Saturday, March 5th, 2016 | KADA Educational Center

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Interviews by Dr. Hyun Sook Lim to workshop participants:

“My name is Hyejin Jeon, and I graduated from Loma Linda University in 2014. I participated in KADA Hands-On Workshop on Basic Surgical Principles, which was held at KADA Education Center. This was my first hands-on course, and it was a great opportunity to practice what I’ve learned. Also, it was fun to associate with other dentists. I don’t do flap on patients often, so learning and practicing flap on real flesh was very helpful for me. Also, all the periodontists and residents were very helpful in answering my questions. In the future, I am interested in hand-on courses in advanced surgical procedures. Thank you KADA!” 

“My name is Andrew Christopher Lee, and I graduated from UCSF in 2015. I attended the KADA Hands-On Workshop on Basic Surgical Principles, and I thought the event was very well organized and was carried out efficiently. I enjoyed mingling with dental students and younger as well as more seasoned doctors. I particularly enjoyed the hands on exercise. Practicing different types of flaps and sutures on actual flesh and having instant guidance and feedback from several periodontists were very helpful. In the future, I would love to participate in a seminar in orthodontics.”